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Welcome to my portfolio!


I'm a Creative Services professional with 7+ years of experience in rich media advertising, marketing, branding, graphic design for web and print, animation, and motion graphics across a range of industries. I value being dedicated to my work and coworkers, clear communication, flexibility, taking initiative, putting the client first, and giving back to my community. My strong emotional intelligence is an invaluable tool in my line of work, and my adaptability and passion for learning help me stay current in the ever-evolving world of visual design.

Have a résumé; they're Gluten-free

When I'm not on the job, I love to roller skate, write short works of weird fiction, sew clothes and costumes, and watch nature documentaries.

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Being a professional artist is sort of the best job in the world, I think. People always say I get to do the "fun" work, which is true in a lot of ways. I love coming to the office every day because I know I'll get to be creative, helpful, and challenged. I love logo design and developing brands, but I also enjoy producing derivative work from established guidelines. Being a visual designer allows me to constantly collaborate, learn, and improve.



I've worked with hundreds of brands and agencies to develop high-impact rich media, IAB compliant banners, and innovative video ads that drive sales, increase user engagement, and raise product awareness. I understand not only how to build an ad, but the process of trafficking, tracking, and reporting on those ads as well.



Starting with flip books at the age of 8, I've always loved bringing life and movement to my art. If Graphic Design is the "fun" work, then Animation is the "magic" work. I'm constantly striving to learn more and improve my soft skills and technical knowledge. The experience I have in 2D animation and 3D modeling has proven many times to be useful in my career in marketing design services. 



In 2018, I volunteered my time and talents to a non-profit, volunteer-run organization called the Boston Teen Author Festival. With direction from the BTAF president, I built a new brand identity from the ground up. I designed and helped produce a broad range of collateral, including enamel pins, mugs, flyers, banners, posters, t-shirts, book marks, and more. Click the logo to view a gallery BTAF designs.

View a PDF of the 2018 Yearbook, a special booklet printed as a gift to the 32 guest authors.




"Emilie Rodgers is very creative, attentive to details and has a positive personality that is a strong asset when she works in teams."

“Emilie, I’ve said it before, you’re a damn professional. A total ace.”

“You’re a beacon of efficiency and capability.”

“Looks fantastic – you even got the reflection to be yellow! HOW ARE YOU SO MAGICAL?!”



Q: "Emilie. If you were a professor at Hogwarts, what course would you teach?"


A: "Photoshop." Contemplative pause. "Or divination, so I could drink all the tea."


If you use an ad blocker, there's a good chance you have not seen my work around the internet.  (Spoilers: I use one, too.) But if you've scrolled this far, then you already know enough about my professional work, so let me tell you about me.

Clearly, I love art and design. I have a formal education in art, but creativity and curiosity have always been a way of life. I also love to write and sew. I have some published short stories and I make costumes and cute dresses in my free time. I love classic car shows, photography, scotch, science, grammar, and nature; I can identify all the types of turtles and birds of hometown, Ipswich, MA. I enjoy tea, travel, and other T-nouns like tophats, toast, and T-800. Yes, I'm a joker. I'm also a creative, introspective, and optimistic person who values compassion, logic, and loyalty.

Moving forward in my career, I'm hoping to join an industry or company that focuses on "The Greater Good", such as green energy, renewable resources, sustainability, combating pollution, or human rights issues like equality, education, or healthcare.



RhythmOne Outstanding Employee Recognition, 2018, 2019.


Excellent in the Traditional Arts from Champlain College, 2011.

Distinguished Community Member in Game Development from Champlain College, 2011.

1st Place and Audience Favorite at the Champlain Elevator Pitch Competition, 2011.

Scholastic Arts State Gold Key and National Silver Key for Animation, 2007.


Design competition for the Alumni Association of Mount Holyoke College, 2007.


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